Joanna Wawiórka - Kamieniecka

The aim of my research visit was to diagnose and obtain a thorough understanding of who, how and in what ways the distinctive space of Metelkova is used. Metelkova is a public space but with a fairly defined identity and purpose as an artistic and cultural site. Metelkova enjoys the reputation of an open space that welcomes people not necessarily connected with culture or art, but one that also meets the objectives and missions of such institutions. The report has been inspired by a need to investigate how this image works, and to what extent it is present in day-to-day reality.

25 Jul jusqu'à 26 Aug 2018
29 Jan jusqu'à 28 Feb 2022
Exploring / Experimenting
#public space, #place-based, #cultural research, #1.2 COLLECTIVE ACTION ON PUBLIC SPACE, #1.6 ECOLOGICAL TRANSITION