Joanna Wawiórka - Kamieniecka

Urban game: culture is where you do not expect it

My research activity is related to a selected public or semi-public space in which people gather, with particular emphasis on grassroots, informal cultural activities. The research methodology is based on qualitative research methods, and the aim of the study is to obtain a comprehensive, in-depth description of the phenomena and processes investigated in their natural, possibly undisturbed course and environment, then to describe one selected case.

Observing the bottom-up activities of residents of large cities, we notice two trends. Often, groups of specific people gather, organize their activities around space, elements of small architecture that can be clearly interpreted as related to art and people interested in culture. Another phenomenon is the use of public spaces, which do not bear artistic features and do not have such traditions. The purpose of my research is to describe and document the specific example of the second tendency. I intend to move around the notions of democracy, tolerance, equality, feminism, community, society, dialogue, mobility.

8 Jul jusqu'à 8 Aug 2019
Exploring / Experimenting