María Caballer

The objective of this secondment is to conduct a research about the organisation strategies of craftsmen in the Valle del Chiana territory. We are especially interested in identify best practice of collaborative strategies aimed to guarantee the sustainability of the craftsmen work in the area. In addition, the factor of well-being regarding the work will be studied.

In order to accomplish our objectives, we have arranged several meetings with craftsmen in the area in their work place. Previously, we have designed a structured questioner as a guideline for our conversations.

We expect to get information directly from the agents involved in the creative process (craftsmen) for:

  1. Identify success strategies they have implemented;
  2. Study the effect of Citema in the development and improvement of the activity; 
  3. Study of the labour conditions in terms of well-being.


#craftsmen #collaborative strategies #sustainability

10 Aug to 9 Sep 2018, -
Collecting / Documenting