Marisa Zele

The aim of this research is to explore and analyze the topology of otherness in the history of European thought, and what this, in turn, means for Europe today. The narrative of in- and out-placing of what is considered homely or, on the other hand, foreign, has its own conditions, not only historical but also epistemological, and can be analyzed through the structure of this productive topology. Philosophical research will examine this phenomenon in the context of European eschatological narratives of the end of the world (especially in the Middle Ages), focusing on its notions of borders, otherness, and homeliness as principles of the formation of a particular European identity, in order to trace not only its conditions but also its hidden history, if we are to better understand the provenience of contemporary Europe.

18 May jusqu'à 18 Jun 2022
Collecting / Documenting
#epistemology, #eschatology, #european history, #migration, #2.4 RETHINKING/ENGAGING WITH HYPER MOBILITY

: Marisa ZELE