Renata Salecl

Ignorance and denial in public space

The first part of the research primarily focuses on new technologies. Ignorance as a common behaviour clearly visible in regard to big data or climate change. Although people often “sign” informed consent agreements when they use self-monitoring apps or when they engage with the Internet of things and control their environment from afar, they often ignore the fact that they are allowing corporations and state surveillance apparatuses to use their data in ways that go against their interests. With the vast new knowledge that we are dealing with in these times of big data, there is a concurrent increase in the ignorance pertaining thereto. The second part of the research looks at how ignorance is increasingly being supported by the images of today's information technology. It is vast, connected and controlling all aspects of our lives. The algorithmic governance, artificial intelligence, and expertized knowledge from art to science, to politics, and to popular culture create fear for knowing.

9 Sep jusqu'à 1 Oct 2021
29 Sep jusqu'à 6 Oct 2019
Collecting / Documenting
#new technologies, #data surveillance, #ignorance and denial, #imagery, #1.5 DEMOCRATIC RECONSTRUCTION

: Renata Salecl