José Manuel Pavía Miralles

Jose M. Pavía was born in Alicante (Spain) in 1969. He received a Master of Science in Mathematics in 1992 and a PhD in Economics from Universitat de Valencia in 1997. Since April, 2010 he is Chair Professor of Quantitative Methods at the University of Valencia (Spain). He is based in the Department of Applied Economics of the Faculty of Economy and serves as Director of the Elections and Public Opinion Research Group. Pavía develops and applies empirical methods in many areas of social science research, including political science, sociology, economics, demography and actuarial science; always with a methodological and statistical bias. He focuses on innovations that bridge the gap between statistical theory and practical applications. His research interests are diverse and they comprise forecasting, electoral issues, sampling, statistical (machine) learning, spatial statistics, ecological inference, Bayesian statistics, income inequality, demographic issues, risk assessment, quarterly accounts, time series and regional economics.

Apparently, we live in a fragmented world. We live in segregated neighbours. Our social groups are more and more narrowed focused. Our society seem to be composed of many small minorities, each of one with its own interests. We receive customized messages by social networks and we feed back our...