Mehmet Erkök

(b. 1963, Zürich) Lives and works in İstanbul. Graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Industrial Design dept. He is a Lecturer in Industrial Design Department-ITU since 1998, teaching 'modelmaking', 'visualization techniques', 'introduction to mechanical design' and 'photography'. He describes himself as a 'maker'; he worked freelance- 'technical illustration'; worked with the advertisement sector and worked with architects. His recent focus is 'kinetic sculpture' both small and urban scale. His kinetic works is displayed in amber Festival in 2010, 2012 and in 'Commonstense', Den Haag, Netherlands, in 2012. He also has interest in upcycling electronic and mechanical equipment.

Proposal for Trans-making: propositions for new kinds of meetings and trackings of the art works with the people; new spaces, existing spaces for different purposes serving as art meetings.

My intention is to explore and classify waste products and find ways to bring together fellows who can upcycle these materials in the context of existing or new product groups and; in the context of hobby and craft objects. Such new ways of handling waste products and abandoned materials would...