Bartłomiej DROZD

Holds a PhD in humanities. His PhD examines Polish traditional culture in Polish communities in northern France. Since 2009, he has been involved in popularising and propagating traditional culture. He has a penchant for singing. He finds inspiration in Ukrainian and Russian but most of all Polish songs, especially from the Kurpie region. He greatly admires Stanisław Brzozowy. Bartłomiej is interested in both aesthetic and spiritual aspects of music. He performed in various projects featuring village songs from Central East Europe, including "The Oldest songs of Europe", "All the Mazurkas of the World", "Codes" Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music. He has taken part in field research in Poland, Belarus and France. In the years 2010-2014 he was the chairman of the "Muzyka Kresów" Foundation where he organised international festivals, Summer Schools of Traditional Music and anthropological, ethnographic and ethnomusicological conferences. He has written several academic papers. Since 2014, he has been employed in Workshops of Culture as the coordinator of handicrafts fair and programme assistant of the Jagiellonian Fair. He teaches French in his spare time.

This research is to find out how traditional events are presented and what are the most important goals for traditional culture. The research aims thus to explore and experiment the dissemination of the traditional culture to understand this process and discover new forms of adaptation of this...