Konrad Miciukiewicz

Dr Konrad Miciukiewicz is Research Associate at the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity. He is a social innovation and public engagement expert with extensive experience in running large scale international research projects and wide-ranging background in Sociology, Cultural Studies, Urban Studies and Advertising. Before joining UCL he worked as strategist and copywriter at several advertising agencies in Poland, Germany and Iceland, and as a post-doctoral researcher at the Global Urban Research Unit in Newcastle University's School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape. While at Newcastle he was involved in a number of large European research and innovation projects, including SOCIAL POLIS, KATARSIS and SPINDUS, that explored issues of social and spatial innovation, multiculturalism and democracy in urban settings. Konrad's present research is concerned with the role that the urban public realm and the cultural and creative industries play in urban socio-economic development. He has published in Urban Studies, Cities, International Planning Studies and Journal of Urban Design.