Valentina Colcelli

Valentina Colcelli is the Module Leader of the J. Monnet European Module called "Europeanization Through Private Law Instruments" (EuPLAW) and a Member of the Managing Board of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in "Research and Science" (R&S) at the University of Perugia. She is also Research of National Research Council (Italy). She attended her PhD studies at the University of Perugia, carrying out research on the nature of the "situazioni giuridiche soggettive" (rights, interests and duties) in the EU Court of Justice and the ECtHR case law and the methodological order adopted for their selection. In February 2009, she attained her PhD degree with a thesis entitled "Meaning, characteristics and selection of interests in the EU Court of Justice and ECtHR case law". . Since 2001, she has been a lawyer. Her main research interests focus on the interaction of domestic and European law in shaping rights and interests, and on market regulation. She also has a research interest in a general reflection on the juridical good beyond the EU legal system, internal market regulation, legal and ethical issues in research and innovation activities, contracts for technology transfer and effective judicial protection of biodiversity in light of fundamental rights. She is a member of the several research teams for the EU project. She is also an expert for the European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation/Infrastructures _ ERIC.

This secondment was dedicated to the study of the EU ethical laws applying to the uses of photographs and videos. It consisted in the following research activities: - Analysis of photographs and videos present in Génériques; - Analysis of the photographs and videos; - Studying how to apply the Reg...