Hana Curak

Hana Ćurak (b. 1994 in Sarajevo/BA) is a researcher, writer and producer. Her eclectic experience involves work in strategic communication, visual arts production, project management and advocacy in Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is a founder of Sve su to vještice (It's all Witches), an independent communication platform for the promotion of a feminist approach to security and radical democracy through digital tools and humour. Since its creation in 2015, this platform has established a new visual form of feminist communication that has been adopted by many activists across the region.

Hana Ćurak graduated from the Freie Universität Berlin with a degree in politics, sociology and diplomacy, and has worked in the Hertie School and German Parliament, as well as with various German foundations and UN agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a communications expert and writer, Hana collaborates with contemporary Bosnian artists and curators, including Šejla Kamerić, Bojan Stojčić, Selma Selman, Lala Raščić and Amila Ramović. She is a member of the board of the CRVENA Association for Culture and Arts.

As a feminist activist, my goal was to understand the positionality of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina when it comes to issues such as unpaid housework, emotional labor, reproductive labor, security and trauma. In addition, I wanted to communicate this positionality to the public, to map, reveal...