Beatriz Rosales Vicente

The main objective is to articulate a research project that contributes to the optimization of the processes of design and implementation of sectoral public policies, taking into account the new social paradigm of the Information Society, for a performance consistent with the new roles of the active citizenships and their correspondence with sustainable development. This refers to three fundamental variables: public policies; the decision making that led to its design and implementation; and the socio-economic and political context as intervening mediation. To achieve this, the secondment was based on the analysis of experiences in the management of public powers, the role of political parties and the institutional system, other intervening actors, evaluations of their impact on employment requirements and socio-professional development, participation of active citizens in the shaping of government agendas, changes in the reciprocal assistance of social subsystems, among other aspects. Interviews with experts, bibliographic-documentary review and analysis-synthesis were applied as the main methods applied during the secondment.

18 Oct to 19 Dec 2020, -
19 Oct to 18 Dec 2019, -
#public policy, #democratisation, #public management, #citizenship, #higher education, #1.4 EUROPEAN CONSTRUCTION AND CULTURAL POLICY, #1.5 DEMOCRATIC RECONSTRUCTION, #2.2 INTERSECTORAL DIALOGUE AND (RE)CONNECTION