Charlotte Perrin

"Uprooted memories: stories in waiting" is the memory in act of a place where times mix, where stories merge into an archaeology made of signs, light, raw materials. The image of a semi-buried building tells us about the empty places of the old town of Lublin (Poland) left in a suspended, waiting time. A visual invitation to the impossible. This research is a continuation of the research carried out in Valencia in March 2018. It intends to analyse and test the ways in which creativity can influence collaborative communities (economic, social, logistic influence, etc.). The research and creation will be focused in the historical center of the town of Lublin – with a specific research on architecture.

6 May to 5 Jun 2019, -
Exploring / Experimenting
#fieldwork, #observation, #creation, #new narratives, #architecture, #in situ, #1.1 ENGAGED COLLECTIVE CULTURAL PRACTICE, #1.2 COLLECTIVE ACTION ON PUBLIC SPACE

: Charlotte PERRIN