Emilia Kietlińska - Drozd

Emilia Kietlińska-Drozd's research at the University of Havana focuses on artisanal products, characteristic for Cuba. She puts special emphasis on the question of the craft as a creative industry. The main area of her research is a study on the small businesses owned by craftsmen and designers for which tradition became an inspiration. She is interested in a few topics: the situation of craftsmanship in Havana and Trinidad, financial support (regional/governmental), craftsmanship activity in the education system, intersectoral partnership, impact on public spaces, impact on local entrepreneurship and creative industries.

1 Dec 2019 to 31 Jan 2020, -
Exploring / Experimenting
La Habana
#craft, #public support, #education, #intersectoral partnership, #public space, #local, #entrepreneurship, #creative and cultural industries, #1.2 COLLECTIVE ACTION ON PUBLIC SPACE, #1.4 EUROPEAN CONSTRUCTION AND CULTURAL POLICY, #1.5 DEMOCRATIC RECONSTRUCTION, #2.2 INTERSECTORAL DIALOGUE AND (RE)CONNECTION, #2.3 TENSIONS HYBRIDITY AND TRANS