Clelia Bartoli

Clelia Bartoli, PhD in "Human Rights". Professor of "Sociology of Law" and "Ethics and Econnomy" at the Law Department, of the University of Palermo (Italy).  She served as expert for the Italian Ministry of Integration. She established an experimental educational program for young refugees and she co-founded the CLEDU, the legal clinic of the University of Palermo.

Among her books:  Esilio/Asilo. Donne migranti e richiedenti asilo in Sicilia (2010); La teoria della subalternità e il caso dei dalit in India (2008); Razzisti per legge. L’Italia che discrimina (2012); Legal clinics in Europe. For a commitment of higher education in social justice (2016); Inchiesta a Ballarò. Il diritto visto dal margine (2019).

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