Presentation of the book "Aquí se funda un país - Viaggio nella rivolta del Chile (2019-2020)"

Clelia Bartoli wrote and published the book "Aquí se funda un país - Viaggio nella rivolta del Chile (2019-2020)" from her trans-making research carried out in Chile.

She will present her book during the webinar "Chile: Verso la Nuova constitution" taking place on Friday 15th of January, 2021 and organised by the CeSPI (Centro Studi di Politica Internazionale) and the CRS (Centro per la Riforma dello Stato). Programme of the webinar


Here, we found a country. Travel in the Chilean rebellion (2019-2020). It seemed to be the most prosperous and peaceful country in Latin America. It boasted of being the most European. Fews were guessing what was about to happen. And yet, the increase of just 30 pesos in the metro ticket was enough to detonate a process of radical  rethinking of the nation, leading to the start of a new constituent phase. 
But how did it happen that a protest with no apparent warning spread and took hold to such an extent? One young activist says: "It looked like peace but it was silence". Another adds: "The malaise was widespread, but experienced individually. Now it is shared and this has given us the strength to try to come out of it together". Through a travel diary during the days of the great mobilisation, the author brings to light the reasons, themes and methods of the Chilean awakening: the effects of the neo-liberal experiment, the contribution of indigenous peoples, the relationship between generations, the globalisation of the Chilean feminist movement, the process of popular self-education with a view to the constituent process and much more.The book takes the form of a "narrative essay" that oscillates between the description of visible events, such as the riots in the streets of Santiago, and the investigation of the inner turmoil that shakes each person when the status quo falters.

The PDF of the book is available in Italian through this link.

Santiago de Chile