The objective of the project trans-making is to strengthen research capacities, through exchange of knowledge, expertise, skills and experiences between academic and non-academic partners from Europe and Third Countries in a shared research programme focusing on: Collecting, Documenting / Exploring, Experimenting / Performing / Designing

Through these dimensions, trans-making aims at fostering the links between art and culture, economy and democracy, at EU level and beyond.

Trans-making's result will be a network of research and innovation staff active in the fields of placemaking/place-based art activities as a space to create alternative narratives for social, economic and democratic renewal. 



Our partner Workshops of Culture organises in Lublin on September 23 and 24, 2022 the last event within trans-making project "CULTURE – CITY – CHANGE" to share their findings and thoughts on issues facing modern cities and the impact of culture on urban development. 

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A Forum in the Making is a series of meetings around research practices at the intersection of art, culture and society. These meetings and conversations between trans-making project partners and other cultural, research and civil society actors aim to imagine and implement new ways of working, teaching and protecting health and research. 

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In conversation with Lala Raščić, Andreja Dugandžić, Émilie Villez, Nataša Petrešin Bachelez, Danijela Dugandžić and Jelena Petrović Europa Enterprise broadcast Artists and curators engaged around the idea of Europa Enterprise in the longyear research and different ways of curating and production will talk together to tackle and discuss various issues. We invite you to join in the broadcast and discover, together with us, hidden nets weaved through ancient myths, un/official histories and unsettled realities we must knit in the future.

Istanbul Cyanotypes: A 19th century photographic technique to narrate the city of the 21st century My research aims to develop a conceptual framework on the process of gentrification and the role played by cultural organizations and spaces. This involves the following activities: - analysing some...
Green and public urban spaces in principle easily turn into a stage for cultural events and venue for free artistic creation or self-manifestation. Usually, it is filled by works of art and activities spontaneously created by residents, as well as those that are a part of urban cultural policies...
Exploring City Environments, Cultural Urban Offers & Issues, and Citizens’ Behaviours.
The research seeks to situate itself in the heart of the ‘Trans-making’ partnership, by asking questions about the nature and potential of particular forms of ‘local-global’ action, as a powerful potential medium for trans-disciplinary social and cultural innovation. In a context of conflicting,...